Our Flagship Projects

We at Youth Insight strive for developing a positive mindset and constructive attitude in the students of Islamabad/Rawalpindi which will make the future leadership. 

Since, the inception of YI in 2012 it organized several events with exceptional outcomes. Our main events to mention are:   

Food For Thought

Food for thought is a series of multiple interactive sessions of dignitaries with university students of Islamabad & Rawalpindi arranged on monthly basis. Sole purpose of these sessions is mind nourishment.


Tehlka! Youth Insight’s “Biggest Drama Event” of the year!

The competitions brought up the skills and produced:

  • Best Dramaybaaz
  • Best Adaakaar
  • Future writers
  • Best Declamations

All these Exciting competitions along with an uplifting, energetic and a motivating session by our speakers.

Thus a complete package of Fun, Entertainment, Healthy Interaction and learning chance.

Meet The Seniors

The mega “Career Counselling Event” of twin cities.

Seniors from more prominent Universities of Islamabad help junior students to narrow down their interests.

Fresh college pass outs rush to grab and bring up their queries to get resolved

  • Scope of Field?
  • Best university for Engineering/Medical?
  • How to convince my parents?
  • Does GPA actually matter or not?
  • s

Share The Happiness

Youth Insight believes in giving back to the community and there’s not a chance we miss to do so. Share the happiness is a series of events held by Youth Insight to do something for the people who are not as fortunate and lucky as we are.

Sole purpose is to inculcate Empathy ( the sense of community Service and let people feel how privileged they are).

Gear Up To Lead

Can you face real Life challenges without fear?
And resolve obstacles with the power to rationalize?
To reach the solution with ability of individuality, and capacity possess by the brain?

The event is here to build the spirit of teamwork, sacrifice and empathy, with wilderness based camping, hike, activities and adventure.